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Digital Dhol is a Java development service provider that offers exceptional Java/J2EE programming services to suit the web and mobile application development requirements of the clients. We aim for application development service to be simple and scalable. We develop Java based projects with top development architecture, design experts, latest technology that few other vendors can match.

Java is widely used for varied sectors, like healthcare, finance retail, telecommunication, etc. as it is well equipped to build fast, secured, renders scalable, robust, high-end & cost-effective. Java has strong support for web development, Java is frequently used at the server side. We understands the requirements of our clients at every stage of application development process to deliver tailor made Java solutions with highest levels of productivity providing high return on client's investment

We focus on our skills.

We know our core strengths, stick to our guns and hone our skills. Most Importantly, we stay focused.

Guideline & Consultation

Our technology head helps you choose the right technology with latest updated tools. Also, guides and recommends you for your requirement.

Expert Developers

Our expert team having updated knowledge of latest android release invents profitable android apps. Our Professional team of android app Developers perform deep research and analysis to meet your requirements and expectations. Accessing wide range of tools and technologies we create customized applications which are powerful and scalable.

Excellent Support

We provide excellent support throughout the development cycle and if client wants we extend it even after deployment.

Free Bug Resolution Period

We assure quality and hence we provide free bug resolution post deployment for a period of 30 days.

Development Partner

We believe in long term business relationship and hence we don’t just provide service, we assure quality service and prefer to be your development partner.

Custom Development

Our development team are specialized to cater your custom development requirement. We can help you with end to end solution from designing a logo, website, Web development, Mobile apps, robust backend for your CRM/ERP etc.

Advantage and Benefits of Android Application Development:.

Ease and Simplicity

When it comes to ease of use and simplicity, nothing beats iOS. The efforts of Apple’s engineers is obvious. They set out to make the easiest-to-use operating system, and have achieved it.
Another thing that sets iOS apart from the competition is their philosophy to develop both the hardware and software. This leads to great optimization for the user, as well as fewer headaches for the developer. They don’t have to code for a multitude of devices. They can focus on the limited number of devices that are available.

Update for all

iOS systems are updated faster. Many android devices never get updated, the carriers don’t have a mechanism to do that. iOS devices are updated fast. So there’s less range of OS versions to support on iOS.


iOS app development is less complex compared to Android app development. Android is fragmented in N number of ways. Android device size, device OEM, OS versions and the list goes on. iOS have only 3 iPhone device screen sizes, iPad and iPad mini. That's it. No more devices to consider or worry about.

Fluid experience through your app

iOS is still renowned for delivering a fluid, simple, and easy-to-grasp user experience. Despite the comparatively slower processors in the Apple devices, the cohesive nature of iOS ensures apps feel more fluid and faster. Apple has always prioritized UI and UX over everything else, and this translates into apps which do not need a training manual to be understood! Also, there is a large segment of people who prefer Apple for its incredible user experience. If you are planning to target the users with an engaging app, you must develop it for the iOS platform.

Better Security

Apple devices have locked down system which increases security. Apple has very well taken care of user’s security and their data. Unlike Android, It doesn’t provide root access to end user and hence there .

Huge Audience

It is feasible to opt for Android as the enterprise app development platform because Android is available on more variety of devices to users of all economic groups. No can deny the android has the highest penetration when it comes to mobile devices. If you are designing an app (or game) for the general public, it makes economic sense to target the platform that would give you the greatest access to potential users.

We love the way we create.

Our passion is listening to clients ideas, thinking through solutions and coming up with creative designs and then develop. Most Importantly, we keep it simple.

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